In return, Norwell gets the biggest deal for an interior lineman in league history.

“What they did was incredible,” producer Jed Tuminaro told Sporting News. “… If you didn’t live to see something, or you don’t really remember it first-hand, some of those things may go a little underappreciated.”

For Braves fans, the documentary is a fun look back, but doesn’t offer anything new. The usual sentiments about camaraderie, the importance of consistency and learning to just enjoy the ride are all presented again here, as is some rehashing of familiar high points and low points. But baseball fans who aren’t as familiar with the’90s Braves story are the ones who should benefit most from watching.

As for the on-field fit, Cousins might not be an enormous upgrade on what Minnesota unexpectedly got out of Case Keenum last season.

His numbers over the past three seasons are certainly in the same ballpark as Keenum’s 2017: QB (years) Cmp% INT% Y/Att Rating QBR Kirk Cousins (2015-17) 67.0% 2.1% 7.8 97.5 62.4 Case Keenum (2017) 67.6% 1.5% 7.4 98.3 69.7 The difference, of course, is that Keenum had been an anonymous backup quarterback for most of his career before breaking out in an offense that had a solid running game, rarely forced him to throw while down multiple scores, and had two of the best wide receivers in football.

There was nothing about Keenum’s performance that suggested an element of his play was a fluke, but the former Houston star was placed in a great situation to succeed and did so.

But those aren’t the only numbers that are worth investigating as we usher in the new league year.

Keenum also agreed to a new contract this week, leaving the great white north for Denver, where he will sign for two years and $36 million. That leaves the Vikings paying $10 million per season extra for the chance to upgrade from a 30-year-old passer with a checkered past to a soon-to-be 30-year-old passer who has never won a playoff game.

The Panthers made the decision to retain guard Trai Turner before the season, and while they might have thought at the time about making a move to re-sign Norwell later on, the subsequent season he produced likely priced the Panthers out of retaining the Ohio State product. ravens_143