Titans agree to deal with Bennie Logan

The Titans have agreed to terms with former Chiefs defensive lineman Bennie Logan.

Logan, who visited Saint Thomas Sports Park last week, will add beef on the team’s defensive front, especially inside. He’s known for being a run-stuffer in the trenches.

That’s what we’re trying to do and just try to get better one day at a time, and I think it’s important for all the players to understand that getting better by themselves, it’s just as important for us to get better together, and I think that’s the beauty of being able to work together here. 

“We understand how this is structured here in the offseason, but it’s certainly important. In my mind, it’s important for everybody to be around so they can hear it, learn it and then do it together. This is the ultimate team game and we need to work together because it’s important that we are all on the same page as we move toward the fall.”

Flowers is entering what is presumed to be the final year of his rookie contract as the Giants are not expected to pick up his fifth-year option of their 2015 first-round pick.

PFT reached out to the NFL to see if we could get a look at some examples of plays that were legal before, but are now illegal under the new rule saying that “Lowering the head to initiate contact with the helmet is a foul.” We were told that the league could not provide any video to give specific examples.

The league needs to produce such a video. Until we see specific examples, we have no idea what this rule really means. Under the broadest possible interpretation, “Lowering the head to initiate contact with the helmet” happens multiple times on every play. What else is a lineman doing when he comes out of a three-point stance?

The NFL may instruct the officials only to call the most flagrant, violent hits. If that’s the case, this rule may be no more a game-changer than the “crown of the helmet” rule of 2013, which was treated as a big deal at the time but turned out to be a big nothing.

But until the NFL shows us all what is and is not a penalty under this new rule, we simply don’t know. Let’s hope players, coaches and officials all know what the rule really means before the season starts.

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