Fantasy hoops: Can anyone unseat James Harden as the fantasy MVP?

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we pose a question to a panel of ESPN fantasy basketball experts to gauge their thoughts on a hot topic.

Today’s contributors are ESPN Fantasy’s Joe Kaiser, Jim McCormick and Kyle Soppe.

As we get set for the stretch run of the fantasy season, James Harden sits atop the Player Rater (averages). Which player is most likely to unseat Harden as the most valuable fantasy option for the remainder of the season?

Joe Kaiser: Anthony Davis is that guy for me. In the final three games leading up to the All-Star break, he averaged 41.3 points, 14.0 rebounds, 1.3 blocks, 1.3 steals and 1.7 3-pointers per game.

Kyle Soppe: I don’t think anyone does it, but if someone is going to make the move, it’s got to be LeBron James. During the Cavaliers’ modest four game win streak, The King has been a triple-double threat on a nightly basis while taking over 21 shots a game.

We know he has the ability to be uber-efficient, and the fact that he is having fun only raises his ceiling. And let’s not forget the Cavaliers have some seeding incentive to stay hot, as they will want to avoid having to go through both Boston and Toronto in the postseason. With all that mind, I’m thinking we get peak LeBron sooner than later. It’s Harden’s crown to lose, but these two are closer than they appear.

In 2014, the New York Times reported that Belichick’s team had deferred after 48 of its first 50 coin toss wins following the NFL’s decisions to let toss winners decide to defer in 2008. But Belichick, then and still, has avoided framing it as a matter of philosophy.

“It just comes down to each week,” Belichick told the Times when that article was published. “We make the decision prior to the game based on all the circumstances that go into the game, what we want to do.”

During the 2017 season, the always-defer trend kept up for a while. On the Patriots’ first seven coin toss wins of the season, they did the usual and deferred. But in their last two chances, they’ve changed course and opted to receive. That yielded a game-opening touchdown drive against Jets in Week 17 and a game-opening punt against the Titans in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. It’s been a surprising reversal.jays_879_68dd0ce30921017a-180x180